Gail Straub & Carol Zaloom "Réveil and The Old One at the Edge of the World" An Adult Fairy Tale


"Once upon a time in a noisy modern city, a young woman named Réveil felt empty though she was always too full. So busy was she doing important tasks that she failed to notice the quieter things, such as the fact that her soul was dying. Réveil blogged, texted, tweeted, and tagged to stay connected, but she felt separate.  No matter how much she consumed or how heavy with information she became, she was always hungry.  An empty ghost inside her sleek black suit, Réveil was sleepwalking through her harried life.  Even her dreams had gone to sleep."

Reveil Cover

"Réveil had forgotten the meaning of her very own name:  Alarm! Wake Up! But one night, on the full moon when the wolves run together, her dreams finally awoke and sounded the alarm, catapulting Réveil into a new world she could not have imagined from the confines of her previous life.  Aided by a series of mysterious guides, it is here, on the distant island of Neige, that Réveil embarks on a grand quest, a quest that ultimately brings her face to face with the fierce and merciless Grandmother LesDeux.  The old one who shifts between form and formless and holds the two sides of everything – including the key to Réveil’s survival along with the survival of her world."

Gail StraubGail Straub is the author of four books including, with her husband David Gershon, the best selling Empowerment: The Art of Creating Your Life As You Want It, the critically acclaimed, The Rhythm of Compassion: Caring for Self, Connecting with Society, and the awarding-winning feminist memoir Returning to My Mother’s House: Taking Back the Wisdom of the Feminine. A pioneer in the field of empowerment, she co-directs the Empowerment Institute, a school for transformative social change where over the last three decades she has offered her work to tens of thousands of people worldwide. Gail co-founded IMAGINE: A Global Initiative for the Empowerment of Women to help women heal from violence, build strong lives, and contribute to their community. IMAGINE initiatives are under way in Afghanistan, Jordan, Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa, and India. Gail Straub lives with her husband in the Hudson River Valley in New York. 

Carol Zaloom



Carol Zaloom, illustrator, makes handcolored linoleum prints. Her client list includes Random House, David Godine, HarperCollins, Tower Records, Hampton-Brown, Yankee magazine, Sky & Telescope, the State University of New York, Bard College, the New York City Parks Department, and many artists and arts organizations throughout the Mid-Hudson Valley.

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